Saturday, October 21, 2017

Awesome October Weather

I've put more miles on weekday evenings this season, after work, than I have in the 13 years since I started my riding re-career combined.  As Mr. Sonnett often quipped, "No brag- Just fact".

The other evening....

Since the TW200 was working so well, I decided to make a day of it on Friday, 259 miles worth.

Breakfast at Double D's in Mondovi before moving further north.

Moon Ridge Road and it was a dandy!


 I stopped for a break at the end of High Ridge Trail.

I lost track of how many times I crossed the trail today...

Along the Chippewa Valley Trail and Rustic Road #107.  A few of us had stopped here to see the bend in the Chippewa River last spring.

Getting kind of slick-ish.  It WAS extra rolly on the gravel yesterday.

At the west end of Rustic Road #107, not far from Durand, Wisconsin.

Cool rain today, the red Italian machine is primed and ready when things dry up a bit, hopefully tomorrow before the cooler weather blows in next week.  It was primed and ready early this morning and if the forecast had held up as it was supposed to, it would have taken me to coffee this morning.  Instead, I was in the old van.