Saturday, January 20, 2018

Just Another Saturday??

I think not.

Coffee with the folks at Diamond's to start things off at 7AM.

Coffee drinker Tom B is helping me determine if any of our old tools are worthy of being in someone's collection so what felt like 200# of them were sent his way for valuation.

From Mpls coffee it was off to breakfast with the Minnesota Guzzi folks....

After shipping a bunch of Ebay items while the P.O was still open and then home....I got out.....felt almost too good to describe!!  With these balmy temps, she popped right off.  After the wind chills we put up with for a week, this felt Spring mild.  I dressed like I normally would/will for 60 degrees.

 Frontenac Beach....and out on to thickly frozen Lake Pepin (Mississippi River). 

Ice Fisher People aplenty....Wisconsin in the distance.  I have no idea how thick the ice was here but I wasn't in the least bit worried.  You can see the vehicles avoiding parking-lot-style spacing.

Looking down river...

There was an ultralight in the distance but somehow I completely missed it!!

Then it was up into the State Park with my Annual Permit and parking next to a blue Ford that I know.

Zoomed in tight, almost perfectly centered in this photo, just above the brush beyond me, an SUV parked next to their fish house.  It must be a very good year for thick ice.  I just don't remember there being this many houses, vehicles and people so far away from shore out where the main channel is.

(Has Prairie Island stopped sending warm cooling tower water downstream??)

I made a loop through the campground and then was on my way back home.  That blue Ford previously mentioned was there because Lauren was up in the park for a hike and 'got' me as I was leaving the campground section.

I've been thinking about this off and on all week; this being the fact that age is a tide that we all must deal with.  There are times we seem to rise with it, other phases of our moons when we may just slide back a bit.  Some of us do it with more grace than others, but thankfully we all get our chance at it for shorter or longer periods of time.  Personally, I'm quite content with where I've been and currently seem to be.

What got these thoughts going this past week was time spent watching Leo Kottke videos online.  Mr. Kottke might very well have been the first live concert I attended and early on certainly had his name on the most vinyl albums in what later became a substantial collection of mine.

I accept and expect most of us to age and make way for those behind us.  I do wish there was a way for me to keep Mr. Kottke, his fingers and hands young for a very long time.....the way I remember him even 20 years ago, let alone almost 50.

Four rows back, front and center.....

I wasn't the only one in the crowd with 45+ years of Kottke listening experience; we were by far a vast majority of much experience.  He led off with Pamela Brown and ended with Ring Ring Telephone Ring.  Leo was wearing nice socks tonight.  They were short.  They were French.

Definitely one of my favorites,  Ring Ring Telephone Ring followed by Jack Fig....

Corrina, Corrina certainly in my top 5.....

If you haven't heard his Eight Miles High, give that a look.

I have been fortunate enough to have some dandy January Saturday's but this one has been a standout; hope yours was as well!